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Customer Testimonials

"I pray that God allows this play (No Greater Love Than This) to be seen across the U.S! The twist and turns will have you on the edge of your seat while laughing at the same time! The entire cast did an amazing job!!! It was definitely worth the drive and time! It was a pleasure meeting you Candice! She is such a inspiration and her ministry about forgiveness is very touching! The play blessed me! Not only was the play entertaining but it had a wonderful meaning and was tied to the greatest man of all time....Jesus! Love it!"  #John15:13 #NoGreaterLoveThanThis - Carol Walls (Memphis, TN)

‚Äč"Hello all, I am one of Candice's biggest fans. I have watched her teach others how to worship God through dance in amazing ways for years. She is one of God's gifts to His body, the church. If you desire to have your church set ablaze, then invite her in. Your church & people will never be the same again!" 
- Michael Williams (Nashville, TN)

"Candice definitely set the bar for contemporary pantomime dance. Her choreography and creativity is full of emotion and excitement, which was a true inspiration for me! Candice is a wonderful instructor and definitely a pioneer of dance." - Kristin Keys (Memphis, TN)

"I love her style of instruction. She's always creative and current. She also has a lot of patience with you as a student and that was a blessing!"
 - Tymikia Glenn (Milan, TN)

"You had a profound impact on me. Anytime anyone asks, I go back to HYPE (College Ministry) and of course you. I never knew about praise dancing until you so THANK YOU. You help me to minister to these young girls and to myself." 
- Courtni Johnson (Memphis, TN) 

"If you have a child who has a passion for dancing check out this camp! The instructor Candice Jones is a talented woman and I highly recommend her!"             - Tramaine Brown (Memphis,TN)